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Solar Doctor is your solar SYSTEM Energy Saver

Have you spent a heap of money on your Solar System and not getting the return that you were promised or were expecting?

The expensive system you bought has ongoing problems and instead of fixing the underlying issues, your solar guy is just treating the symptoms!

The money you thought you were going to save on your electricity bills, (your holiday or retirement fund money), is not as large as you expected and in fact, your solar energy system seems to cost you more than you save.

Our Solar Doctor Specialists Focus Providing You Great Value by-

“Keeping Your Solar System Operating at its Peak, Ensuring You keep Getting Great Returns, for the Entire Life of Your System.”

Solar Maintenance Solar Doctor Saver

So whether your solar energy system is:

Solar Doctor Saver Can Help

When you have any solar issues, you don’t just need an electrician or solar installer – you need a seasoned professional with in in depth knowledge & experience to see what others don’t.

An expert who can identify the cause and not just treat the symptoms!

Our ultimate aim is to get your system up & healthy again, with as little cost to you as possible.

If we save you the cost & claim through your installers insurance, manufacturers insurance or house insurance, we do.

If done right – quite often the inspection & repairs won’t cost you a cent.

Why Engage Solar Doctor Saver to find and fix your solar problem?

  1. We guarantee results.  We have an extensive and deep understanding of the renewable systems.
  2. We know how the industry and government work operates
  3. We know how to get you the best results in the quickest way
  4. In nearly every instance, it is cheaper to engage Solar Doctor International than a regular solar company
  5. Saves you a lot of confusion, stress & frustration

How Does It Work?

  1. You have a Solar system problem
  2. You give us a ring to see if we can help you
  3. We organise a suitable time for consultation/inspection
    We identify the problem & provide a report
  4. We get it fixed for you
  5. We check work once done – No fuss, No problems, to get your system up & going again.

After I get the report, where do I go from there?

Solar Doctor Saver can look after the online process from identifying the issue, to having your system fully fixed and up and running like new.

  1. We can hold your original installer to account and in many cases have them pay to repair sub-standard work.
  2. Organise cost effective replacement of faulty parts – if we cannot – Report instances of sub-standard work to appropriate government & regulatory authorities
  3. Organise manufacturer warrant replacements –in most cases, have them cover replacement cost

We have a lot of options & mechanisms in place to motivate installers/suppliers & manufacturers to do the right thing.

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